Hospital and Prison Welfare Initiative (HPWI) is a problems solving non-profit organization with multi-faceted programmes approach aimed at tackling and/or creating awareness about common life-threatening curable or avoidable ailments as well as improving education and developing skills to help towards attaining low crime rate especially by reducing the chances of young people re-offending and attain an improved justice system.

We offer after-care support to the sick as well as emotional and physical support to young people so they can avoid or stay out of crime.

HPWI is a Humanitarian & Welfare registered charity organization, working to Ensure Optimal Offender Mental and Physical Health, Improving Education and Developing Skills to Reduce Re-offending.


  • Reduce Crime & Poverty Rehabilitation & Welfare.
  • Help the less privileged and the abandoned people
  • Hospital & Prison Visit.
  • Training & Network
  • Counseling Victims & their families.
  • Promoting the clients talents & interest